Independent Principal Consultant

Walt brings over 37 years of experience in service and troubleshooting over a wide variety of water treatment issues. In addition to troubleshooting boilers, cooling towers, waste water treatment, Legionella issues, and domestic water, Walt was instrumental in developing new products for water treatment. Combining Walt’s MBA with a major emphasis in Finance with his educational background in Biology and Microbiology brings valuable insights for both ROI and other financial considerations along with practical solutions and tools for solving tough water treatment issues, including for the control and mitigation of microorganisms such as Legionella in HVAC and domestic water systems.

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Mr. Tyler’s extensive experience in water treatment includes:

  • Sales and service of boiler, cooling, and waste water treatment chemicals and equipment to the automotive, oil refineries, commercial buildings, and chemical industries.
  • Served as Technical Director for a national water treatment and chemical company. Developed water treatment chemical formulations for the commercial markets. Directed an NELAC Certified Laboratory for a national company. Ran trials of new formulations and developed winter lay-up procedures for seasonal cooling towers.
  • Troubleshooting of water treatment issues all across the US, Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia. This includes all types of water from softened make-up, reverse osmosis, demineralizers, and water from zero hardness to conditions of over 500 ppm hardness in the make-up. Worked in a wide variety of institutions from government, large retail chain stores, national telecommunications companies, and major financial institutions.
  • Consulting on Legionella remediation and prevention for hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, and nursing homes. Includes the use of Chlorine Dioxide in disinfecting potable and non-potable systems.
  • Trained HVAC operators and maintenance personnel for national institutions on cooling and boiler water treatment.
  • Walt is a NY State Certified Pesticide Trainer for the 7G license in cooling water treatment.
  • MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • BA in Biology from SUNY at Buffalo
  • NY State Certified Pesticide Trainer Category 7g for HVAC systems
  • DH Paul– Reverse Osmosis – 2006
  • Certified Water Technologist (CWT) – 2001
  • Legionella Prevention Training Course – June 2002
  • HVAC Efficiency Improvement Course – 1996
  • 6 CEU’s in Water Treatments, Drew Chemical – 1978
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Course – 1978
  • Association of Water Technologies (AWT) – Served on the Education Committee.
  • Cooling Technologies Institute (CTI) – Served on the Water Treatment Subcommittee
  • Served as Treasurer and President of Hilltop Terrace Co-operative Apartments
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) – 2001-2006
  • Board of Trustees Harlem Yacht Club
  • Compliance Officer for the Harlem Yacht Club
  • Served on the Board of Directors for Sound Watch
  • Member ASHRAE