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Principal Consultant

As a Principal Consultant with Arthur Freedman Associates, Inc., Mr. Cotton specializes in all processes involved in the treatment and operation of water systems. This includes external treatment, boiler water, cooling water, and process water and wastewater areas.

Mr. Cotton provides expertise involving the above systems for technical, legal and economic consultation. This includes system performance reviews, problem solving, failure analyses, continuing surveillance and system auditing. His clients include water treatment industry companies as well as end users in industrial, commercial and utility plants.

Mr. Cotton has been providing water treatment consulting services for a total of 44 years’ experience in the water treatment industry.

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Mr. Cotton’s extensive experience in water management services includes:

  • Development of Auditing Guidelines in all areas of water treatment technology. These have been used in hundreds of applications worldwide.
  • Troubleshooting, problem solving and failure analyses involving external treatment, boiler water, condensate systems, cooling water and process water.
  • Preparation of water treatment specifications for performance evaluation, as a tool for water treatment vendor and program selection.
  • Investigation of issues involving water treatment related legal matters including expert witness services.
  • Preparation of water treatment manuals and training materials for industrial and commercial water treatment training purposes. On-site seminars for training purposes.
  • Developed and implemented procedures for auditing water treatment systems to assess whether technical and service standards were being met.
  • Organized technical components of a large computerized data retrieval reference database system. Goal of the system was to provide engineering and service personnel with state of the art technical knowledge to improve results in water treatment system.
  • Investigated and provided recommendations to resolve numerous industrial and commercial water related corrosion, scale, deposit and microbiological problems in all industries.
  • Trained numerous vendor technical engineering, service and plant operational personnel in technology and service requirements to properly treat and monitor water systems.
  • Planned and helped evaluate boiler water treatment research activities and results. Participated in the field testing of many products including oxygen scavengers, synthetic polymers and corrosion inhibitors. Many of these programs include the most widely used current programs.
  • Investigated and provided recommendations for major litigation issues involving issues in boiler and cooling applications.
  • Specific examples include:>
    Resolution of superheater failures and boiler carryover problems in a large utility resulting in a successful conclusion of the problem and definition of the root cause not related to client issues.

Problems with depositon and corrosion in steam turbines in a large complex resulting in clear definition of the problem cause and recommendations for remedial action.

Review of corrosion and bio fouling issues in an HVAC system, definition of the problem and recommendations for changes resulting in improved results and confirmation of client position.

  • Wrote technical reference materials designed to achieve effective application of numerous water treatment products and programs, including general and plant specific water treatment manuals.
  • Field evaluated effectiveness of various non-oxidizing biocides, deposit control agents and corrosion inhibitors to resolve problems in many large cooling systems. Identified new product needs and markets and provided technical and other data required for the development and introduction of new water treatment products.
  • Investigated causes and provided technical recommendations to resolve major flow assisted corrosion problems in heat recovery steam generation systems.
  • Team leader for project designed to minimize problems with water systems and treatment during design, construction and start-up of HRSG plants.
  • Evaluated products and programs for use in refinery process and oil field applications including desalting, antifoulants, overhead corrosion inhibitors and polymers for water clarification.
  • Participated in many industrial and professional groups dealing with water chemistry, corrosion control and other issues.
  • B.S. 1964 – University Of Cincinnati – Chemical Engineering
  • Mr. Cotton serves as a Principal Consultant with Arthur Freedman Associates, Inc. for aspects of water treatment, including external treatment, boiler water, and cooling water in all industries including commercial HVAC applications, HRSG, utility and industrial systems.
  • From July 1997 through 1998, Mr. Cotton provided consulting services as president of Cotton & Associates, Inc.
  • From July, 1968 to July, 1997 Mr. Cotton worked for BetzDearborn Corporation, where he served at various times as Engineering Consultant, Product Manager for boiler water chemicals, Utility industry specialist and Technical and Marketing Manager for Boiler, Cooling and Wastewater chemicals for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry, the largest market segment at the time.
  • Mr. Cotton was employed by 3M Corporation as a Process Engineer responsible for manufacturing processes from 1966 to 1968.
  • From 1964 to 1966, Mr. Cotton served in the Armed Forces as a Lieutenant based in the U.S. and overseas.
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Materials Performance.
  • Member, HRSG users group and ASME combined cycle users group.
  • Member, ASME sub-committee on water treatment guidelines for HRSG boiler systems.
  • Chairman, ASME sub-committee on boiler water monitoring guidelines.
  • Panel Member, HRSG Users Group Symposium on problems in HRSG systems, 2000.
  • Vice-Chairman, NACE Committee T7H8 on Boiler Water Monitoring.
  • Chairman NACE Unit Committee T7H (Boiler Water), 1991 to 1995.
  • Chairman NACE Symposiums on Boiler Water Chemistry, 1988 to 1995.
  • Member of NACE Unit Committees on boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, scale control and building water systems.
  • Member, ATM Unit Committee D-19 on analytical testing methods.
  • Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) and a 35-year member of NACE.

Approximately forty publications covering, among other subjects:

  • Water treatment and control for HRSG systems.
  • Specifications for and problems associated with HRSG systems, including start-up, lay-up and cycling operation.
  • Basic chemical treatment of boiler and cooling water systems.
  • Auditing guidelines with specific detailed technology based questions.
  • Boiler water systems oxygen, internal and condensate control.
  • Boiler fireside corrosion control.
  • Start-Up Guide for monitoring and control of water systems in cogeneration plants. Numerous specialized training books, manuals and programs covering various aspects of water chemistry, cooling, boiler, waste water and HVAC systems.
  • Automatic control of boiler and cooling water chemistry.
  • Building water HVAC chemistry control and water treatment service needs.
  • Refinery and Petrochemical process side corrosion control.
  • Numerous specialized training books, manuals and programs covering various aspects of water chemistry, cooling, boiler, waste water and HVAC systems.

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