Past Responsibilities As Founder and President of Arthur Freedman Associates, Inc.

Dr. Freedman (deceased) specialized in all aspects of the treatment and operation of water preparation, cooling water, boiler water, process water and wastewater systems. Dr. Freedman provided technical and economic consultation, including problem solving, failure analyses, surveillance and audit services, expert witness services, conceptual design capabilities and marketing services. Clients included both the water treatment industry and water-using industrial plants, nuclear and fossil fueled power generation stations and commercial facilities.

Dr. Freedman provided water treatment consulting services since 1981. He had a total of 58 years of experience in the water treatment industry.

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Dr. Freedman’s diversified experience in the field of water management includes:

  • Specific problem solving and failure analyses involving water preparation, cooling water, boiler water, process water and waste water systems in major power stations, manufacturing plants, other process industries and commercial facilities.
  • Water system performance audits and technical supervision for nuclear and fossil fueled electric power plants and commercial facilities.
  • Preparation of cooling and boiler water treatment specifications, evaluation of alternative chemical treatment programs, selection of water treatment vendors, and water management audit functions for industrial and commercial facilities.
  • Expert witness services in matters involving commercial and industrial water systems.
  • Developed widely use methods for evaluating and controlling microbiologically-influenced corrosion in industrial plants, electric power stations and commercial facilities.
  • Evaluated alternative macrofouling control methods and selected specific zebra mussel control procedures for power generating stations. Prepared a comprehensive zebra mussel control plan and operating manual for a multistation nuclear power generating authority.
  • Investigated numerous specific water-related scale, corrosion and microbiological problems involving metals, concrete, plastic materials and coatings in refineries, petrochemical plants and power stations.
  • Developed some of the first non-chromate polymer-based corrosion control programs that were successfully applied in the refining industry. These programs are still in active use.
  • Developed new and unique refinery process side corrosion inhibitors, antifouling additives, pour point depressants and dispersants.
  • Developed polymer applications for settling and water clarification in the phosphate mining industry.
  • Designed and operated laboratory, pilot-scale and on-line cooling and boiler water test facilities.
  • Pilot-tested a chemical treatment program for use in a new power station cooling system using secondary sewage effluent as makeup, and supervised the successful startup and operation of this system.
  • Computer programs: Developed and implemented programs to measure heat transfer and corrosion rates on-line in operating cooling water systems, and to control boiler house operations. These programs include chemical inventory control and evaluation of analytical data and operating parameters.
  • Planned and directed major research programs associated with cooling water and boiler water treatment chemicals.
  • Pioneered the development of non-chromate, alkaline cooling water treatment technology for industrial and commercial applications, including the current most widely-used product lines.
  • Developed and helped to commercialize the Corrator® and Corrosometer® for on-line measurements of corrosion rates in water and process streams.
  • Optimized wastewater plant operations in paper mills, refineries and municipal treatment plants. This work included polymer evaluations and recommendations for changes in plant operating procedures to improve throughput and efficiency.
  • Designed and supervised construction of new cooling and boiler water laboratories and pilot facilities.
  • Wrote comprehensive general and site-specific technical water treatment manuals, and presented many technical and marketing training programs covering all aspects of industrial and commercial cooling and boiler water treatment.
  • Identified new product needs and provided technical and marketing data required for the development of new water treatment products.
  • Participated in many industry, government and professional groups dealing with water chemistry, corrosion and environmental problems.
  • B.S. 1945 – New York University – Summa cum laude, chemistry.
  • M.S. 1946 – New York University – Physical chemistry.
  • Ph.D. 1948 – New York University – Cum laude, inorganic chemistry.
  • From 1981 to the present, Dr. Freedman has served as Principal Consultant on a wide variety of water preparation, cooling water and boiler water treatment projects in refineries, chemical plants, electric power stations, industrial plants and commercial HVAC systems.
  • From July, 1988 through June, 1995, Arthur Freedman Associates, Inc. provided its consulting services through Thomas M. Laronge, Inc., where Dr. Freedman served as Executive Vice President.
  • From 1959 to 1981, Dr. Freedman worked for Nalco Chemical Company, where he served at various times as Group Leader and Technical Director in their cooling water, boiler water and waste water treatment laboratories, and as Marketing Manager for cooling water and water preparation chemicals. While at Nalco, Dr. Freedman was instrumental in the development of new alkaline and all-organic scale and corrosion control technology now widely used in the industry.
  • Dr. Freedman was employed by the Standard Oil Company of Indiana (Amoco) from 1954 to 1959. As Senior Project Supervisor, he was responsible for the development of water and process side scaling and corrosion test instrumentation. During this time, Dr. Freedman and others developed the Corrosometer®, a device for measuring on-line corrosion rates by the change in electrical resistance of a specimen, and the Corrator®, a device that measures on-line corrosion rates in water systems by an empirical polarization resistance technique.
  • From 1948 to 1954, Dr. Freedman served as a Research Associate at the University of New Mexico, the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work during this period involved analytical applications of radiochemistry.
  • Active 50 year member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and 49 year member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).
  • Ray Baum Award for Service to the Water Treatment Industry, presented by the Association of Water Technologies, awarded at the National Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, November, 2000
  • Distinguished Service Award, presented by NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers), awarded at the National Conference, San Antonio, Texas, April 1999.
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Materials Performance.
  • Chairman of NACE Group Committee STG-11 (Corrosion in Water Systems) 2003 – 2005.
  • Chairman, NACE Group Committee T-7 (Corrosion by Water), 1994 1997.
  • Chairman, NACE Symposium on Cooling Water Technology, 1983.
  • Chairman, NACE Symposium on Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), 1984 and 1993.
  • Chairman, NACE Symposium on Applications of Ozone in Cooling Water Systems, 1992.
  • Chairman, NACE Symposium on Water Problems in Commercial Buildings, 1998 and 2002.
  • Chairman of NACE Unit Committee T-7A covering cooling water corrosion, scaling and microbiological problems in commercial and industrial facilities, 1997-1999.
  • Active member of NACE Unit Committees on boiler water treatment, scale control and corrosion control instrumentation.
  • Official NACE representative to an international ad hoc committee to evaluate European proposed standard methods for evaluating the performance of cooling water formulations. Chairman of NACE Task Group T-7A-22 covering this same topic.
  • Presented the 50th anniversary lecture on Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion at the NACE national meeting in 1993.
  • Nine patents, covering water and process-side corrosion inhibitors, on line corrosion measurement techniques and most recently Zebra Mussel control.
  • Editor and principal author of “Technical Reference and Training Manual”, a reference publication of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), Washington, D.C., 2001.
  • Editor and principal author of “Heat Exchanger Design and Operations from the Water Treatment Viewpoint”, a reference publication of the Materials Technology Institute (MTI), St. Louis, MO, 2002 (in press).
  • Chapter on water treatment in commercial facilities, in “Facility Manager’s Operation and Maintenance Handbook”, published by McGraw-Hill, January 1999.
  • Chapter on cooling water treatment, in “Process Industries Corrosion: Theory and Practice”, published by NACE, 1986.
  • Approximately fifty technical publications covering:
    Solubilities of selected inorganic compounds in tertiary mixtures.
    Fundamental aspects of cooling water and boiler water chemistry.
    Cooling and boiler water treatment, operations and control.
    Water treatment specifications and program implementation.
    Development of new cooling and boiler water additives.
    Water systems management.
    Design of cooling and boiler water monitoring and control equipment.
    Petroleum and petrochemical process side corrosion control.
    Waste water management.
  • Many specialized marketing studies, training programs and manuals, covering various aspects of water chemistry, cooling and boiler water treatment, zebra mussel control, HVAC technology and related topics.