AFA brings to our clients the experience, systems, tools, and knowledge required to properly inspect systems, analyze failures and make technically-sound,  unbiased, forward-looking recommendations. In addition to our own expert consultants, we use the services of independent certified laboratories to  provide reliable, unbiased data.  Learn more about AFA’s commercial water treatment failure analysis and consulting services.

Failure Analysis

  • Inspections of failed equipmentCommercial Water Treatment Failure Analysis consulting services
  • Destructive examination of specimens
  • Water and deposit sample analysis
  • Analysis and interpretation of log data
  • Fiber optic and ultrasonic inspections
  • Root cause analysis
  • Forward-looking recommendations

Analytical Capabilities

  • Technical literature preparation
  • Complete inorganic and organic analyses
  • Microbiological analysescommercial water treatment failure analysis and consulting services
  • Metallurgical inspections and testing
  • Resin and membrane testing
  • Legionella bacteria testing


  • Training and instruction manuals
  • On-site customized operator training
  • Custom training presentations
  • Management training

Specification and Proposals

commercial water treatment audit and inspection services

  • Performance oriented water treatment specifications
  • RFP development
  • Evaluations of vendor proposals
  • Chemical formulation analysis and specifications

Marketing Consulting

  • Market research
  • Identification of needs and opportunities
  • Product development and formulation
  • Product introduction and positioning
  • Field evaluations of new products

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