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Our most experienced AFA consultants are available to support the litigation needs of law firms and insurance companies as Expert Witnesses. Several of our consultants have been involved as Expert Witnesses in matters involving:

  • Legionnaire’s Disease Water Treatment Expert Witness
  • Claims resulting from component or system failures involving water chemistry and water treatment
  • Piping, tubing or coating failures due to corrosion and other metallurgical factors
  • Improper water system startup and layover in buildings and plants from new construction or remodeling
  • Asbestos (Mesothelioma) from shipyard construction

AFA consultants have experience in most kinds of chillers and boiler systems, cooling towers, water preparation, once-through systems, process water, heat exchangers, process units, and commercial and institutional potable water systems. We do research and provide analysis, and can define the root cause(s) of failures, and have experience helping our clients develop solutions to avoid similar failures from recurring. Our experience includes advising clients on water treatment and methods for the prevention of Legionnaires Disease and related diseases, while providing a full range of water testing, analysis and consulting services.


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