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Our water consulting services offer clients the experience, systems, tools, and knowledge required to properly inspect systems, analyze failures and make technically-sound, unbiased, forward-looking recommendations. In addition to our own expert consultants, we use the services of independent certified laboratories to provide reliable, unbiased data.

  • Inspections of failed equipment
  • Destructive examination of specimens
  • Water and deposit sample analysis
  • Analysis and interpretation of log data
  • Fiber optic and ultrasonic inspections
  • Root cause analysis
  • Forward-looking recommendations
  • Water system performance audits
  • Vendor performance audits vs. specifications
  • Facility water system reliability studies
  • Energy audits
  • Heat exchanger efficiency studies
  • Overall water system optimization
  • Steam quality studies
  • Startup and layup specifications and supervision
  • Technical literature preparation
  • Complete inorganic and organic analyses
  • Microbiological analyses
  • Metallurgical inspections and testing
  • Resin and membrane testing
  • Legionella bacteria testing
  • Training and instruction manuals
  • On-site customized operator training
  • Custom training presentations
  • Management training
  • Performance oriented water treatment specifications
  • RFP development
  • Evaluations of vendor proposals
  • Chemical formulation analysis and specifications
  • Market research
  • Identification of needs and opportunities
  • Product development and formulation
  • Product introduction and positioning
  • Field evaluations of new products

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