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Since 1981, Arthur Freedman Associates (AFA) has been known as Independent Consultants to the Water Treatment Industry. We offer our clients decades of water treatment, safety and management expertise, using the latest systems and tools to help protect our client’s investments. We audit and inspect commercial and industrial systems, analyze failures, and make technically-sound, forward-looking recommendations. AFA uses the services of certified outside labs, and sells no equipment or chemicals in order to maintain unbiased, technically sound consulting of the highest integrity.

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Our Consulting Team

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Walt Tyler
Walt TylerPrincipal Consultant
Bob Cunningham
Bob CunninghamPrincipal Consultant
Keith Johnson
Keith JohnsonPrincipal Consultant
Jack Soost
Jack SoostPrincipal Consultant
Bill Pearson
Bill PearsonPrincipal Consultant
Dr. Arthur J. Freedman, Ph.D.
Dr. Arthur J. Freedman, Ph.D.Founder and Past President

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