The need for corrosion monitoring and control to prevent metallurgical failures; environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance; preventing Legionnella; and the ongoing need for Facilities Managers to control and reduce costs; all combine to make today's building and plant water treatment needs unique to your environment. The team of Water Treatment Consultants at Arthur Freedman Associates provides consulting and services specific to your environment, independent from water treatment chemical vendors and equipment manufacturers, and we use only third party lab services.


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Water Treatment Expertise

In this complex industry, Expert knowledge and solutions are needed more than ever. Water treatment problems are unique and site-specific, so much so that identical facilities may require different approaches to water management. Even more complicated is that through root cause and failure analysis, failures may show visually similar features, yet have different origins and require different solutions.

AFA Consultants understand the many elements that impact the most intricate situations such as environmental issues, health and safety regulations, performance requirements, metallurgical constraints and cost controls. All of our consultants are professionally degreed Chemists and Engineers, with an average of over 40 years of technical training and hands-on working experience with industrial and commercial water systems. We are independent from chemical or water treatment vendors or suppliers, and use only outside laboratory services. You can be assured our advice to you is not biased in any way.



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